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Trucking from Russia to Europe, from Europe to Russia, CIS.

Transport company "InfanTrans" Tver delivers goods by road for the entire territory of Russia, as well as international road transportation, railway transportation in Russia, container transport, multimodal transport.

Transport company Tver "InfanTrans" successfully works in the field of freight for several years, and has earned the trust of many large companies who appreciate the reliability and quality of transport services.

Company InfanTrans Tver distinguishes an individual approach to each client, qualified personnel, optimization of transport for delivery time and cost tracking of cargo at any stage of cargo transportation, operational consulting clients on how to carry freight, discounts for regular customers , provision of transport services " door to door ", " just in time" .

Car park our car transport company provided various volume and capacity , from the heel to evrofury . At our disposal : vans, insulated refrigerators , container platforms , airborne platforms , low loaders , trawls .

Our moving company provides special services - transportation of oversized cargo, heavy cargo transportation , transportation of long loads . These services require special attention and processing of special permits .

city Tver is a dynamic industrial city in Central Russia and is located on the main traffic artery of the Central region which joins together the two largest cities, Moscow and St. Petersburg .

particularly relevant at the moment cargo directions: shipping St. Petersburg - Tver, Tver freight - St. Petersburg , delivery cargo Moscow - Tver , Tver - Moscow . Transport capacity of up to 20 m and up to 120 cubes goes on these routes every day .

Our company faces daily cargo with different needs , we receive orders for shipping from 1 to 100 tons, with this fundamental aspect of the transportation of goods is the availability of appropriate transport fleet ( vehicles of various types and capacity) . When

organization of cargo transportation company managers primarily take into account the weight and size of cargo, its properties and mode of transport, and on the basis of the data obtained matched the necessary form of transportation. For example, for transportation of goods up to 1.5 tonnes and up to 12 cubic meters is a good solution Gazelle car which, thanks to its maneuverability enables you to deliver small loads of weight and volume in a short time . Especially popular are the Gazelle cars for transportation of piece goods in the city. For shipments from 1.5 tons to 10 tons , our company also provide you with car needed , optimizing your costs as much as possible . If your load is greater than 10 tons or 50 cubic meters , the type of transport required for the transportation of your goods - evrofury , this vehicle carries cargo weighing up to 20 tons, and the amount of 82-120 cubic meters. Manufacturers of food products , perishable goods and goods required to maintain a certain temperature during transportation, used for transportation of goods specialized vehicles - refrigerated or termofurgony .

For transportation of construction materials and goods which do not change their properties under the influence of precipitation InfanTrans transport company offers open -sided trucks length from 3 to 16m.

Transport company " InfanTrans " is often confronted with non-standard orders for cargo . Cargo owners often ask to carry the goods of little value , requiring support or protection , perishable or dangerous , oversized or long loads . To address these questions , we have all the necessary resources and opportunities. Entrust your cargo professionals!

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